Don’t think your property won’t sell during lock down, it is still possible. Here at FastMove we know its going to be hard to sell properties during lockdown, mainly because people cannot get out to view the respective homes. However, we are pleased to announce we have sold three properties since lock down with the use of a video tour taken by the vendor. Our Managing Director Christian Armitage recently stated, in times like this you just need to think outside the box.

The process was pretty simple the interested parties registered interest in the properties. On all occasions the buyers new the areas concerned so just needed to see the internal elements of the property to satisfy them. All it took was to put the vendor and buyer in touch with each other allowing the to Face-time each other. On all occasions they were happy with the content and made an offer which was accepted.

One of our vendors said ‘We had resorted to the fact our property was not going to sell until the government had relaxed the lock down rules. However, due to the initiative and never lie down attitude of my estate agent we are in a position now we are Sold Subject To Contract.’

Obviously, it’s in the early stages of the process and all buyers have confirmed they want to view the property once the rules are relaxed but at least we can instruct solicitors to generate some momentum. Furthermore, it gives the public hope that

  1. If their property is currently on the market it still may sell
  • If you are looking to sell your property it still maybe worthwhile listing your property as this has proved people are still looking for properties.

Here at FastMove we strongly feel if you have a property to sell and would like to sell it relatively quickly to market the property now. We think this for two reasons

  1. We have already illustrated people are still looking at properties they may want to purchase
  • Given the current crisis the Country is in, there is the chance there maybe a drop in the market. Granted it will recover but we don’t know how long this will take and if you would like to sell quickly by advertising your property now you are giving yourself the best chance to meet your objective.

Stay Safe.

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  • It could be tricky if a buyer requires a survey. Surveys are suspended at the moment until the current lockdown is relaxed. Same with Energy Assessments for Energy Performance Certificates which are a statutory requirement. But well done for your positive attitude and inventive approach to house moving.

    • Christian Armatage
      April 5, 2020 6:44 pm

      Good evening

      Thank you for your comments, which are 100% accurate. Staying positive is important all the time but it has never been as important as it is now.

      However, lenders are still offering mortgages for certain applicants as they have the facility to do a desktop valuation, but at the moment this is only available to people who have large deposits.

      Regarding the EPC they are valid for 10 years so if the property already has one this can be reused for marketing purposes.

      Once again thank you and stay safe.


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