We know things are unprecedented at the moment. During these times we feel its imperative we keep all our customers updated so they feel safe and secure.

Buying And Selling Properties During Covid-19

The latest announcement from the government have confirmed the Country is to go on full lockdown on Thursday 05th November 2020. However, here at FastMove we can confirm people are still able to move home, the property market remains open. However, we totally respect people will be incredibly nervous and anxious about this process and will have lots of questions. Here at FastMove we have put internal processes in place to ensure someone is always at hand to answer any questions you have about the current guidelines and restriction.

How does the latest announcement affect me if I am buying or selling a property?

The government have confirmed although the Country is to go on lockdown on Thursday, they will keep the property market and construction industry open, this includes, viewings, surveys, valuations etc. The latest government guidelines are set out in detail on the following page.

However, here at FastMove we are fully aware the guidelines may change on a daily basis and therefore you the seller or buyer may have to be flexible and patient. For example, if someone involved in your chain develops symptoms, they will need to self-isolate and therefore your sale or respective purchase may be delayed. Furthermore, solicitors will not encourage a gap between exchange and completion just in case one of the parties involved in the chain develops symptoms.

The most important thing to remember is you are in complete control and if you do not feel comfortable allowing people into your property for a viewing or a survey you are completely within your rights to refuse entry.

Will you still market my property during lockdown?

Here at FastMove we can confirm we will be open to full capacity throughout the proposed new lockdown. The first thing would be to get a FREE VALUATION on your property please click here to book your free valuation.

We can confirm all our agents will carry out the following and we ask if you the homeowner would kindly do the same

  • Wear a facemask before entering the property and not remove it until we vacate the property
  • Sanitize hands immediately before and after the visit
  • Minimise contact with your surfaces and doors, to make this possible please ensure all doors are open prior to the visit
  • Restrict the amount of people inside the property during the valuation

As explained above the property market is still open and because of this, physical viewings can still take place. All viewers will be advised to wear masks with a maximum of two viewers attending the appointment. To stop the viewers touching any doors please ensure these are all open prior to the viewing. Please remember if you feel slightly unnerved about people entering your property you are within your right to refuse physical viewings and because of this we have a virtual viewing service available.

I also need mortgage advice, can you help?

Like the property market the mortgage market is also open. We understand things are tough for a lot of people financially at the moment and furthermore the lenders have tightened their underwriting significantly. Here at FastMove we have our own in house mortgage brokers who have years of experience in sourcing people the best mortgage rate for the individuals circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns about your existing mortgage or a new mortgage you are looking to take out our team are here to help. Please call us on 03333 232 199 and ask to speak to the Mortgage team.